I thought that on my new site I'd have a page of links to other talented and inspirational artists' webpages that I've come across while surfing the web. So here it is! Click on the artist's name or sample image below to visit their website.

'Portrait' by Nathan Ford

Nathan Ford


Spooky often unsettling portraits often focussing on one eye that stares directly into you. Fabulous gloomy landscapes as well, often with ghostly figures in them.

'Peter' by David Kassan

David Kassan


Masterful life paintings, by a Brooklyn artist.

'Plein Air Pastoral Landscape' by Tom Brown

Tom Brown

'Plein Air Pastoral Landscape'

I love the very loose impressionistic style of this plein air painter.

'Jesse - Male Nude' by Robert Ferguson

Robert Ferguson

'Jesse - Male Nude'

I love the large brush strokes of this impressionist painter. His life paintings and landscapes are marvellous.

'Heat 2' by Chris Lopez

Chris Lopez

'Heat 2'

Artist who's favourite subject seems to match my own. It makes a nice change to see paintings of real men rather than pretty boys though. The abstract textural backgrounds give a nice modern twist to a traditional subject.

'PB&J' by Duane Keiser

Duane Keiser


This artist has a loose way of painting, but manages to portray everyday objects or slices of the mundane in a precise looking way.

'Surface' by Justin Taylor

Justin Taylor


Excellent and poignant portraits and figure work here!

'Len' by Mark Fennel

Mark Fennel


Excellent and poignant portraits particularly!

'Sheepfold' by Phil Entwhistle

Phil Entwhistle


I first came across Phil Entwhistle's work in a gallery in Keswick and actually wanted to buy the painting shown here. I was broke at the time and have regretted not buying it ever since. My friend actually bought a different painting by him at the same time. He is an expert at representing rock in all its forms and especially small chunks of the Lake District, a part of the world I know very well!

'Crouching Figure' by Robert Liberace

Robert Liberace

'Crouching Figure'

Masterful figure drawing and painting here, but what can't this man paint!?

'Farm Road Down' by Zan Barrage

Zan Barrage

'Farm Road Down'

Simple and loose plein air paintings here.

'At The Edge' by Vince Fazio

Vince Fazio

'At the Edge'

More small, and simple, loose plein air paintings here.

'Pastoral Scene' by Joseph Zbukvic

Joseph Zbukvic

'Pastoral Scene'

I don't think I've ever come across anyone else who handles watercolours more confidently then this artist. I especially like his loose city scapes.

'Salt River Range' by Scott L. Christensen

Scott L. Christensen

'Salt River Range'

Beautiful large landscapes by this American artist

'Water Lillies' by Clyde Aspevig

Clyde Aspevig

'Water Lillies'

More beautiful landscapes especially.

'Roses and Apples' by Daniel Keys

Daniel Keys

'Roses and Apples'

Excellent loose and fresh still lives, especially of flowers.

'High Above the Old Town, Corfu' by David Curtis

David Curtis

'High Above the Old Town, Corfu'

Fantastically talented British artist equally successful with watercolours and oils.

'Woodland Path' by Erik Tiemens

Erik Tiemens

'Woodland Path'

Very atmospheric and dramatic watercolours and gouache landscapes, with pastel and oil thrown in for good measure!

'Thinking Man' by Jacob Collins

Jacob Collins

'Thinking Man'

Excellent Figures, Still Lives and Landscapes.

'Throwing Hay Bales' by Jeffrey T Larson

Jeffrey T Larson

'Throwing hay Bales'

Excellent all rounder including sculpture, but probably mainly a still life painter.

'Golden Foothills' by John Poon

John Poon

'Golden Foothills'

Excellent loose style landscapes

'Snowy Pines' by Karen Vance

Karen Vance

'Snowy Pines'

Nice landscapes of the American West

'The Point' by Marc R Hanson

Karen Vance

'The Point'

Nice landscapes.

'Shadow Creek' by Matt Smith

Matt Smith

'Shadow Creek'

Nice landscapes.