Thanks to friend brett for posing for this outdoor set of photos.

Thoughts of You

'Thoughts of You'

Same meadow.



Woods this time with lots of inspirational backdrops and props. I like the low camera angle on this one.

Only Natural

'Only Natural'

I like the juxtapositions of lights against darks in this relaxed shot.



Same location as Only Natural. Brett contemplating the sky through the oak leaf canopy.

Forest Light

'Forest Light'

More of a silhoutte with Brett looking towards low angled light fitering through the leaves. Still enough back light for details to show up on the model though.



Taken because of the dappled shadows from the leaves on Brett's back

Shadow Tattoo

'Shadow Tattoo'

I liked the shadow of the fern frond cast on Brett's arm looking like a tattoo in this shot. An unusal look directly into the camera lens for me here, though it manages to be non challenging to the viewer.