Bluebell Nude 1

'Bluebell Nude 1'

I think this is the outdoor photoshoot in which Matty had to put up with the most discomfort. It was particularly damp and chilly when we took these outdoor photos in bluebell woods.

Thanks for putting up with me Matty!

Bluebell Nude 2

'Bluebell Nude 2'

It wasn't just the discomfort of the cold! Ouch! A rare sexually provocative photo for me.

Bluebell Nude 3

'Bluebell Nude 3'

A very foreshortened angle producing a nicely symmetrical pose with undertones of crucifixion imagery.



One of the successful images from the first time Matty ever posed for me. Perhaps a little dark but the raking light from my high tech desk lamp shows the form of the model nicely.

Matty 3

'Matty 3'

Nice side lighting again in this one. Slight shame about the skirting board showing behind the bedsheet here, but hey I was experimenting and learning!



A simple low light portrait of Matty. The pose having nice angles to catch the limited light.



Strong sidelight while Matty stands flat against the wall. Probably could have done with more light on the face from a subtle second lightsource just to show up a bit more of the shadow detail without losing the impact of the side lighting. I only had one desk lamp on me in these early days!:)