All Angles

'All Angles'

Another indoor photoshoot of Matty using strong lighting and a black backdrop.



Nice lighting showing the muscles of the model's back.

Back II

'Back II'

I love the way the light shows up the rib cage on this shot.

Bask in the Light

'Bask in the Light'

A candid relaxed portrait of Matty.

Encroaching Shadow

'Encroaching Shadow'

A vulnerable looking Matty. The use of a dark shirt to break up the form of the body and add interest.



I like the way the dark shirt hides the arms and shoulders that otherwise would show up in this shot.

Laid Back

'Laid Back'

Nice light catching Matty's face on this relaxed portrait.

Laid Back II

'Laid Back II'

A nice diagonal pose and softer lighting in this shot with nice highlighting on the face.

Look to the Light

'Look to the Light'

A very compact pose adding to a sense of vulnerability. I like the spotlight effect in this shot with some detail of the backcloth showing up.

Look to the Light II

'Look to the Light II'

Strong side lighting on this shot highlighting the form of the shoulders particularly well.