A third indoor photoshoot of Matty. I like the diagonal pose of this shot and the disappearance of the chest and left arm into blackness.

Just As I Am

'Just As I Am'

A high camera angle looking down at a compact pose to emphasise vulnerability in this shot.

Something Missing

'Something Missing'

I like the total loss of left arm to darkness in this shot.



A nice diagonal zig zag pose

What Do You See I

'What Do You See I?'

In this photoshoot I wanted to try something different and wanted to experiment with some narrative type photos. I even tried writing text on Matty's body in face paints, but these photos weren't really successful. In the "What do you See?" photos I was trying to ask questions of the viewer. When looking at photos of naked men do you see a person or a sex object? The head to one side helps ask the question of the viewer. The portrait held in front of the penis seems to imply the model is telling you he is a person first.

What Do You See II

'What Do You See II?'

This is obviously a reversal of the previous photo's meaning.



Another high angled shot looking down at a compact pose with reflective gaze by the model, giving a sense of vulnerability.