The photos in this gallery are from 3 individual photoshoots of friend Steve. Though Ive actually done countless photo shoots with Steve and he has also posed for me and a small group of artists in Coventry as a life model for many years. Big thanks to him.

This shot was created by looking down at the model from above with strong winter sunlight shining from the head end. I think this strong directional light seems to come from above in this shot, giving the illusion that the model is hanging in this pose.



A photo from my first ever life model photoshoot. It was taken in a tiny space and there were actually two photographers trying to get descent shots at the same time! I like the focussing in on a part of the body here and the soft lighting.



Another focussing in type of shot here from the same first photoshoot, in the same soft light. I love the cropping here and this is still by far the most popular male nude I have ever taken on other sites where it has been posted such as Deviantart.

Male Nude at Ease

'Male Nude at Ease'

I love the foreshortened perspective on this shot and the lovely contrast between pale flesh and darker grass.

Male Nude in Sunlight

'Male Nude in Sunlight'

I love the strong diagonal sunlight and shadows of this photo.



A vulnerable foetal position captured here by standing above the model and looking down during that first ever male nude photoshoot.



The most successful chiaroscuro type shot from the first ever male nude photoshoot here, the glancing light showing up the shoulder blades and spine beautifully.