Below are links to galleries of some of my photographic work. Click on the gallery title or the sample image to see the whole gallery.

If you are interested in buying prints of any of the photos then get in touch using the email address on the Contact section of the Information page of this site.

Similarly, if you are interested in posing for me, then do get in touch. And don't worry, photos don't have to be made public like the ones below! Photos of most models have never seen the light of day, but a big thankyou to the models below who were happy enough for me to add their pictures to the site.

Male nude photograph by Matthew Allton

'Doug's Gallery'

In June 2020, I met up with Doug, a model that I'd been talking to for a short while on an Artist/Photographer/Model collaboration site. Because of Covid 19, only an outdoor meet up was possible. It was an early evening photoshoot, so the lighting was interesting, but challenging, especially beneath the tree canopy in the woods, as it was generally quite gloomy with strong slanting sunlight in places. I had both my ancient digital SLR, and my Samsung phone with me. Most of the shots in this gallery were taken with the phone, as an experiment in using the most basic of equipment possible. Many thanks to Doug for his tree climbing ability and patience.

North Devon by Matthew Allton

'Landscapes and Miscellaneous Gallery 1'

The images in this gallery were taken on various trips and walking holidays in this country and abroad.

Recurring themes in my photographic work are the beauty of the natural landscape with minimal evidence of man, and a focussing in on small details within the broader picture.

Bluebells and Beech trunks by Matthew Allton

'Landscapes and Miscellaneous Gallery 2'

More images captured on my travels around the UK - from nearer at hand in the Midlands to Wales, Cumbria and Yorkshire.

Frosty fallen horse chestnut leaves

'Landscapes and Miscellaneous Gallery 3'

Yet more images captured on my travels around the UK, but also some indoor studio type still lives. There is more of a concentration on focussing in on the detail in landscapes in this gallery.

Male Nude in Sunlight by Matthew Allton

'Steve's Gallery'

This gallery contains some of my earliest attempts at capturing the male form using digital photography. My interest in this subject grew mainly as a way of obtaining reference material to paint and draw from when a life model wasn't available. The photos here come from three separate photoshoots of friend Steve. Thanks to him for his continued patience.

Male Nude in bluebells by Matthew Allton

'Matty's Gallery 1'

After the success of experimenting with photographing Steve, his brother Matty offered to pose for me.

The photos here are from two separate photoshoots. The first was at his home and the second in woods near my parents house. The bluebells make a beautiful backdrop, but it was particularly chilly to be gallavanting about naked! Again... thanks for putting up with me Matty!

Male Nude sepia photograph by Matthew Allton

'Neil's Gallery'

The photos here are of friend Neil.

Male Nude photo by Matthew Allton

'Matty's Gallery 2'

These photos of Matty were all taken in one photoshoot. They were taken in a tiny bedroom/boxroom with very makeshift equipment. The use of sheets as backdrops, desklamps for lighting and a basic Canon Powershot range camera, rather than a proper digital SLR are my usual tools of the trade. In interior shoots in low light like this, it is normal for me to use the self timer to reduce tripod and camera shake during the required longer shutter times.

Male Nude in Woodland by matthew Allton

'Brett's Gallery'

These photos of Brett were taken in one photoshoot. The beauty of the naked figure posed in natural surroundings is a source of continuing inspiration to me. Although there is little control over lighting, as there is in the 'studio' setting, the lighting effects created by natural backdrops are endless, and can change from visit to visit to the same location.

Male nude photograph by Matthew Allton

'Matty's Gallery 3'

The majority of the shots taken in this single photoshoot were my favourite chiaroscuro type figure shots. The low, directional lighting and the black background results in the shadowed side of the figure melting into the background.

I spent some time at the end of this shoot being more experimental. Trying for the first time to take some images that had statements to make about the subject and the viewer, but many of these weren't overly successful

Male nude photograph by Matthew Allton

'Jon's Gallery'

Friend Jon was particularly patient with my experiments at the end of this studio photoshoot. I tried using long exposures with moving light sources to get some interesting and quite hit or miss results here.