Bark 2

'Bark 2'

A constant theme in my photography is the patterns found in the natural world. I loved the detail and the beautiful colours created on this tree trunk by slanting winter evening sunlight.



Focussing in even closer the bark becomes an abstract pattern of fantastic colours from violet to green to orange to pink etc etc. Amazing natural winter light.

Bluebell Woods

'Bluebell Woods'

Bluebell woods are an incredible British natural spectacle and I look forward to the show every spring. I was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by North Warwickshire woodlands that dazzle with this display every year. I like the way the twisted oak branch here leads the eye into the picture.

Bubble Froth

'Bubble Froth'

Another pattern from nature. This time the beautful swirling frothy patterns produced by the powerful swirling waters of the River Wharf as they emerge from the constricting rocks of The Strid in the Yorkshire Dales.

Dewy Rose

'Dewy Rose'

An experiment in doing a studio type still life of roses, for possible use on a friend's wedding stationery. I like the capture of the sprayed water droplets here but not really the cropping of the image.

Frosty Fall

'Frosty Fall'

Fiery coloured, fallen horse chestnut leaves in the garden, colours dulled where the leaves are still frozen with frost.

Horse Chestnuts

'Horse Chestnuts'

This time leaves and conkers in a studio lit setting. Such startling colours, though in this light somewhat yellow tinted.

How Stean Gorge

'How Stean Gorge'

Incredible gorge through limestone rocks with trailing ivy in the Yorkshire Dales.



A rare use of Photoshop in one of my images.